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Business collaborations


We are a very small company compared to some of the bigger international competitors, but we have a loyal database of customers and partners. Our communication is swift, lighthearted and personal. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as our main source of advertising and communication with our customers. Our numbers keep growing but as of now these are our numbers

Facebook – 7200+
Twitter – 1000+
Instagram -2000+

Other social media platforms

Tumblr – 1000+
Pinterest – 483


Jewel of Kiss Gato Magazine
Invazi2 Avo Forum
Lolitopolis Tsunacon Japan is fun
Pink Friday Osharecon
Princess Apparel2 Aniway – 2 Dutch Comic Con2


Of course we’re open to all sorts of collaborations. Our main goal is to create a win-win situation for you, us, and the customer. If you have an idea or suggestion, head over to the contact form and shoot us a message. Hope to do business with you in the near future!