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How to order

4 easy steps to getting your products

Step 1

Go to the Shop section on the top menu screen. You can scroll through all products at once or select the categories you’d like to browse on the side bar.

When you click on a product you’re interested in, click on it to view the product page. If you decide to buy, select options if needed for the product. If it’s a product with sizing, a table or measurements will be written down in the product description. Select how many products you would like. The amount is 1 by default.

If you’re ready selecting options (if needed) you can click the “add to cart” button. Not sure if you want to buy the product or want to browse a bit more first? You can also add the product to your wishlist (an account is needed for this)

Step 2

After selecting and adding the product(s) to your cart, you can either resume browsing or go to your cart. If you keep browsing, your items will be saved in your chart at the top left of the screen, displaying the number of items it holds.

The items placed in your chart will be stored. If you leave the website or log out, your items will still be there the on your next visit. (Caution: They will disappear if you or we clear the cache!)

Step 3

When you’ve made up your mind and are ready to check out, you can click on your cart as pictured in the previous screenshot. Here, you can review your order, add or deduct products or complete remove them. If you have any gift cards or coupons, don’t forget to add them in this step!

Caution, once removed, you have to go back to the specific product’s page if you want to add it to your chart again. If you made any changes in your cart, don’t forget to press the “update cart” before pressing the “checkout” button. If you forget or fail to do this, any changes you made in your chart will not be made. The price you see on the bottom is the total price of products, shipping is excluded.

Step 4

You’ve now arrived at the last steps of ordering. Here you have to fill in your billing and shipping information. If you didn’t add the to your account or never ordered before, make sure to fill all the fields with a *. If you already ordered in the past or filled in your information beforehand, these field will be filled in automatically.

Please make sure you fill in your information correctly. Incomplete of wrong information will lead to your order being delayed or even worse, shipped to a wrong address! After filling in your shipping and billing information, shipping will be added automatically. For more about shipping methods and fees, please visit this page.

If you forgot to enter your coupons or gift cards, this is your last chance! Choose your payment of choice. You can find more about all the accepted payment methods here. After clicking the black button on the left bottom of the page, you will be redirected to the secured payment environment of your selected company. Follow the steps, and you’re done! You will see a review of your order and will receive an e-mail with the order conformation.

Do you still experience problem or have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.