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Brand Ambassador

Free products

Do you have a blog, YouTube channel or a social media following? We offer a wide range of sponsor opportunities for big and small influencers. We do have some guideline we follow to

  • At least 500-1000 followers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • At least 1000 followers on Youtube
  • Affinity with street fashion, cosplay and or other relative activities/hobbies
  • Able to produce quality content
  • Due to poor results Tumblr is not accepted for sponsorship

We are very lenient with our policy because we are also a small company and are looking individuality and originality so if you have slightly fewer followers, don’t meet the basic requirements or you think you just have a great idea don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking for quality influencers which we can work with on a long time basis, for people who are only interested in quick easy products. We will reply within 72 hours on all sponsorship requests whether the outcome is negative or positive

PILOT – Brand Deals

Paid sponsorship

As blogging, vlogging, making videos and pictures has become a fulltime job for a lot of people, we understand that not everyone who is serious about their brand and blogging would be satisfied with just free products. You spent lots of time and money on your YouTube channel, blog, social media and other miscellaneous activities and want to make this your day time job. Here at Kawaii Deluxe we understand the hardships you have to go through and decided that next to product sponsorship we would run a pilot for paid sponsorship programs.

Please keep in mind that this program is for serious influencers only. Like we said, it’s not just about the numbers, but your work has got to be up to par. Their will be a trial period active.

We pay by per blog post, video, or social media post. Fees do vary since each takes a different amount off skill and time. Please state in your motivation you if you areinterested in joining our pilot.
You need a paypal account to apply